I. Contracts and Business Transactions 
     A. Negotiating, drafting, amending, interpreting, advising on and
     enforcing contracts
     B. Contracts specific to a transaction (one-time transaction)
     C. University form contracts (recurring transactions)
     D. Examples: Purchases of goods and services; use of facilities; gift
     documentation; software licenses; real estate leases; sponsored
     research; technology transfer

II. Litigation and Dispute Resolution
     A. Advising on litigation, arbitration, mediation and University
     dispute resolution processes
     B. Examples: Non-discrimination (litigation and University
     processes); faculty appeal processes; student processes
     (academic, disciplinary)

III. Legal Compliance / Liability Prevention / Education and Training
     A. Legal Compliance: advising on new legislation; interpretation of
     existing legislation; responding to enforcement inquiries or
     compliance audits
     B. Liability Prevention: risk transfer – contractual indemnification,
     liability waivers and releases
     C. Education and Training: faculty, staff, students, department
     chairs, business managers; external legal requirements and
     University policies
     D. Examples: Tax exemptions-federal, state and local; non-
     discrimination; research; immigration; labor; environmental;
     safety; intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark)

IV. University Governance and Policies
     A. Pennsylvania non-profit corporation law and federal non-profit
     B. Drafting, interpreting, amending and enforcing University
     C. Examples: University Bylaws; Faculty Rules & Procedures; Human
     Resources Policies; Student Handbook Policies