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Practice Areas

I. Contracts and Business Transactions 

A. Negotiation, drafting, amending, interpreting, and enforcing contracts

B. Contracts specific to a transaction (one-time transaction)

C. University form contracts (recurring transactions)

D. Examples:

a. Purchases of goods and services

b. Use of facilities

c. Gift Documentation

d. Software licenses

e. Real estate leases

f. Sponsored research

g. Technology transfer

II. Litigation and Dispute Resolution

A. Defending litigation

B. Advising on University dispute resolution processes

C. Examples:

a. Non-discrimination (litigation and University processes)

b. Faculty appeal processes

c. Student processes (academic, disciplinary)

III. Legal Compliance / Liability Prevention / Education and Training

A. Legal Compliance: advising on new legislation; interpretation of existing legislation; responding to enforcement inquiries or compliance audits

B. Examples:

a. Tax exemptions-federal, state and local

b. Non-discrimination

c. Research

d. Immigration

e. Labor

f. Environmental

g. Safety

h. Intellectual Property (Patent, Copyright, Trademark)

C. Liability Prevention Policies and practices: risk transfer – contractual indemnification, liability waivers and releases

D. Education and Training: faculty, staff, students, department chairs, business managers; external legal requirements and University policies

IV. University Governance and Policies

A. Pennsylvania non-profit corporation law

B. Drafting, interpreting, amending and enforcing University policies

C. Examples:

a. University Bylaws

b. Faculty Rules & Procedures

c. Human Resources Policies

d. Student Handbook Policies